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How do I prepare for the photoshoot?


  • Hide everything! Spacious, clean, and brightly lit rooms show the best. The property should be as free from obscuring decorations and everyday objects as possible. Here are some tips of things to look for:

  • Check that all light bulbs work and each tour room has available lighting.

  • Clean mirrors, windows, and shiny surfaces.

  • Clear off table arrangements, décor, and clutter in each tour room including desktops, end tables, dressers, and nightstands.

  • Hide kitchen countertop appliances, dish strainers, soaps, sponges, and items around sinks.

  • Hide toys, clothes, laundry baskets, and move large plants out of view as necessary.

  • Remove small area rugs.

  • Close closet doors.

  • Make beds and straighten furniture cushions.

  • Remove toys from floors and yards.

  • Hide trash cans and litter boxes.

  • Limit seasonal décor if the tour is to be used year round.

  • Regarding scenes shot in the front of the house, remove cars from the driveway and front of the house if possible. Remove toys, strollers, and other personal items from the yard as well.

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